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GI Balance

An excellent way to maintain your dog’s digestive system while supporting the active population of friendly bacteria, which is crucial for digestive health.

GI Balance Supplement Sticks are enhanced with: 

Licorice: pivotal in protecting the digestive tract

Ginger: the go-to root for a wide range of digestive distress

Fennel: which can help the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system and relax occasional intestinal discomfort

 Taurinol®: patented to enhance gastric acid and enzyme production and modulate motility while supporting healthy intestinal flora. 

These should be part of your dog’s everyday routine so that your dog can feel their best.

Discomfort Relief

The optimum blend to enhance your dog’s repair of connective tissues and joints while supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

Discomfort Relief Supplement Sticks feature a unique proprietary combination of Type-II collagen, Taurinol® taurine ester, ginger, and yucca. This unique blend works together to help maintain your dog’s normal inflammatory response and immune-modulatory actions. Using this product can aid your pet in sustaining long-term health, helping your dog live a comfortable life.


Delivers a blend of five powerful antioxidant agents to aid in helping protect against cell damage caused by free radicals found throughout your dog's body.

Free radical oxidation damage is a primary cause of aging and disease. There are several enzyme systems in your dog’s body that fight the dangers of free radicals, but they are not enough to sustain overall good health. Antioxidant Supplement Sticks provide a unique cascading antioxidant system not found in other pet products.

While individual antioxidants grab one free radical to neutralize it, Antioxidant Supplement Sticks contain an advanced antioxidant cascading formulation which neutralizes multiple free radicals. 

So, instead of only one free radical destroyed per antioxidant molecule, each molecule can change the structure and repeat the process again and again. Thus, the value of each antioxidant molecule increases exponentially.