Tired of Smelling Pet Pee?


We LOVE our pets, but we don't always love their SMELL. Pet urine and feces leave stains as well as lingering odors that can be extremely difficult to remove. We’re sharing tips to prevent pet smell, the use of oxidation vs. enzymes and how to instantly & permanently remove odors...for good.  


Prevent Pet Smell With Training

Is common knowledge that dogs follow their instincts to mark their territory. If an accident has happened, cleaning them up well is imperative so no smells linger. When you don’t get rid of the smell, your dog is more likely to go back to the area and do the same thing again.

There are ways to prevent pet odor before it enters your home - this starts with training your pet early. Preventative maintenance can be beneficial by practicing obedience, training and discipline. Here are some tips to prevent smell if you are having trouble training:

✓ Clean up accidents as soon as possible

✓ Keep the inside of your home as fresh as possible - circulate the air by opening doors, using an air purifier, etc.  

✓ Don’t let urine/accidents sit on the floor/carpet for too long

✓ Use a UV light to find urine spots that you may have missed

✓ Use oxidation to remove odors

Choose products that instantly AND permanently remove odors


Oxidation vs. Enzymes for Removing Odor 

Using oxidation to remove pet odors works because it changes the structure of a stain or mess, making it easier to clean up and remove both the mess’s smell and sight. Oxidation cleaners change the form of a stain or mess by the transfer of electrons. This alteration makes cleaning less difficult.

Enzymes are known as a biological catalyst, meaning that it speeds up a chemical reaction rate. Most enzymes are proteins, and their role is to break down complex structures for the bacteria that produce them, allowing the bacteria to consume the now smaller particles. Check out our blog: Why Using Oxidation Is Better than Enzymes for Pet Stains and Odor for more details on this.



The Odor Solution

PetFX® OdorOut® was developed to eliminate nitrogen-based odors instantly and permanently through a proprietary process known as Spontaneous Oxidation-Reduction (SOR), including 100% removal of pet urine odors. This patented technology is used to disable the malodor molecules and destroy them at the source. Fabric safe and using a professional-strength formula, PetFX® OdorOut® is ready to eliminate odors from pet urine, fecal matter, waste containers and more. Want to learn more? Contact info@pet-fx.com for more information, connect with us on social @petfxproducts or visit www.pet-fx.com today.