PetFX: Alternative Pet Health

PetFX: Alternative Pet Health

Alternative pet health refers to any practice that aims to achieve the healing effects of traditional medicine in a natural treatment that you can use alone or alongside standard treatments. PetFX has gathered everything pet parents need to know about alternative health practices, benefits, and how to incorporate products such as hemp, CBD, and aromatherapy into your pet’s daily routine.

Many pet parents turn to alternative practices when their pet doesn’t respond to traditional practices or procedures. Some people turn to natural remedies to combine with standard vet care or to help ease discomfort associated with the natural aging process. Read on to discover the benefits of using natural, alternative pet health. 


Keeping your pet healthy and happy is a top priority for pet parents, and natural alternatives such as CBD can help ease ailments ranging from discomfort to anxiety. With the cannabis market, both hemp and marijuana, experiencing dramatic growth, animal caregivers are already incorporating, researching, and exploring the alternative benefits of cannabis-derived products for pets. 

A scientific review by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) finds that many cannabis-derived molecules are shown to have many therapeutic benefits, including but not limited to: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antineoplastic, anxiolytic, and anticonvulsant properties. 

When trying CBD for your pet, you should only look for products specifically for pets made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. CBD can be used in combination with traditional prescriptions or other alternative health measures and can have a positive effect on your pet's overall health. CannaLove CBD Soft Chews, for example, provide the naturally occurring complex of cannabinoids found in broad-spectrum hemp. They are doctor-formulated and developed to support your dog by promoting a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness. CBD Soft Chews are perfect for dogs that are exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment, or responding to environmentally induced stress. 

CBD Soft Chews are also a great option to help ease discomfort associated with daily exercise and activity, and customers use these soft chews in a variety of ways. We can see the positive effect CBD has on pets from a 13-year-old pit/lab mix whose owner describes her journey with two CCL surgeries, double hip dysplasia, and two prescription medications. After adding CBD Soft Chews to their routine, owner Larry noticed the “most dramatic increase in comfort and mobility" in his dog. He then says that since using CBD Soft Chews, his dog “goes out on her own more frequently…even skips and hops like she used to when excited in the backyard." 

Other notable feedback from our customers incorporating CBD into their daily routines includes: they are “perfect for thunderstorms and fireworks” and provide relief from anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, and much more. 


A great, often overlooked alternative medicine is aromatherapy. Humans love using essential oils or candles for everything from sleep aids to general calmness, but what about aromatherapy for dogs? You should consult your vet before trying essential oils for therapeutic relief, as some oils are toxic for dogs, cats, and other pets. But, similarly to humans, essential oils and scents can provide calming effects to help reduce anxiety. 

For dogs, anxiety can appear for a multitude of reasons, like thunder, travel, or fireworks. Exposure to herbs and essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, sage, rosemary, and nettle can help to relax anxious dogs. Oils are too strong to be applied directly to your dog’s skin or fur, so instead, you can make a spray using diluted oil. Another great option is using bath time as a way to relieve stress, calm your pet, and introduce them to aromatherapy. 

Emotional and environmental stress can cause your dog to become anxious and agitated. CannaLove Anxiety Relief Shampoo is a naturally-derived, hemp-infused shampoo that delivers rich aromatic fragrances to create a calming atmosphere. The calming effects of aromatherapy in our proprietary, doctor-formulated blend can help to reduce stress while also creating an enjoyable bathing experience for your dog.


Most of us are aware of the importance of nutrition and the role it plays in overall pet health. A healthy, balanced diet, with the proper amount of nutrients and proteins, makes an extensive contribution to health. If your dog suffers from allergies or digestive issues, diet adjustments can help tremendously and sometimes, a proper diet can even eliminate the problem. As always, you should consult your vet before making any dietary changes to ensure that the new diet will benefit your pet the most. 

When it comes to dogs, a lack of adequate nutrition can have severe consequences, such as the inability to build, repair, or maintain muscles, teeth, and bones, and it can even affect your dog’s ability to perform daily activities or ward off infections. One reason it is crucial to explore nutrition and nutritional options with your vet is that there are foods designed for different stages (puppies or senior dogs), breeds, and dietary or medical needs.

Finding a diet that works for your dog will also help you pick alternative health additives, such as our GI Balance Health Supplement Sticks, to supplement and support your dog’s overall health. A diet tailored to your dog's needs will ensure that your dog is able to maintain and perform essential bodily functions to the best of its abilities. 


Alternative pet health can be a fantastic option for any pet parent to consider. For your pet’s health and safety, always consult your veterinarian when you are looking at making changes to your pet's daily routine and diet.

Make sure that if you add CBD to your dog’s diet, it comes from a credible source. PetFX, for example, comes with a full product analysis page, the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Seal of Approval, and is doctor-formulated, so that you can rest easy knowing your pet is receiving premium-quality products. From alleviating daily stressors due to anxiety, separation, or loud and foreign noises to aiding your pet with discomfort, alternative pet health is helpful on its own or in combination with traditional medicine.

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