Frequently Asked Questions
Is Stericide® safe for use around birds?
Yes, SteriCide® is safe around birds. The birds will need to be removed from the cages, and once the area is dry, the bird can be put back in the cage. Give it about 10-15 minutes of dry time before placing the bird back in the cage.
Why doesn't Stericide® come with a sprayer?
SteriCide® does not come with a sprayer because the product needs to be able to breathe. Therefore it needs a vented seal, which leaves no opportunity to incorporate a sprayer.
What sizes are available for Stericide®?
32oz and 1 gallon size is available for SteriCide®
What does Stericide® kill?
Stericide® is effective against: Salmonella, Parvo, Kennel Cough, Influenza, COVID-19, and others.
Does Stericide® kill Covid-19?
Yes, Stericide® kills Covid-19, as well as many other pet-related viruses.
Does Stericide® clean as well as sterilize?
SteriCide® cleans as well as sterilizes.
What is the dry time for Stericide®?
The dry time for SteriCide® is about 20 minutes.
Is Stericide® safe after it drys?
SteriCide® is safe after it dries.
Is Stericide® concentrated or do I have to dilute?
SteriCide® is concentrated, diluting is not necessary.