Frequently Asked Questions
Why does OdorOut® Spray leave a white residue on my floor?
The white powder in OdorOut® Spray is the result of spontaneous oxidation-reduction.
Can OdorOut® Spray be used as a stain remover?
No, OdorOut® Spray is only an odor remover.
Will OdorOut® Spray bleach fabric?
OdorOut® is safe for all fabric types. We recommend spot-testing first if you are worried about bleaching/staining.
Is OdorOut® Professional Strength safe to use around my kids?
Yes, OdorOut® Professional Strength is safe to use around children. Please use as directed.
Does OdorOut® Spray mask the smell or remove it forever?
OdorOut® Spray removes the smell forever by turning the odor molecule into a water molecule.
Does OdorOut® Spray remove all odors or just urine?
OdorOut® Spray removes all nitrogen based odors.
Is OdorOut® Spray enzymatic?
OdorOut® Spray is enzymatic.