Happy Tails Bundle
Happy Tails Bundle
Happy Tails Bundle
Happy Tails Bundle
Happy Tails Bundle


Happy Tails Bundle

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Delivers a blend of five powerful antioxidant agents to aid in helping protect against cell damage caused by free radicals found throughout your dog's body.

Free radical oxidation damage is a primary cause of aging and disease. There are several enzyme systems in your dog’s body that fight the dangers of free radicals, but they are not enough to sustain overall good health. Antioxidant Supplement Sticks provide a unique cascading antioxidant system not found in other pet products.

While individual antioxidants grab one free radical to neutralize it, Antioxidant Supplement Sticks contain an advanced antioxidant cascading formulation which neutralizes multiple free radicals. 

So, instead of only one free radical destroyed per antioxidant molecule, each molecule can change the structure and repeat the process again and again. Thus, the value of each antioxidant molecule increases exponentially.


CannaLove® CBD CannaHearts® provide the naturally-occurring complex of cannabinoids found in hemp, which may provide your dog with the entourage effect required to support proper cannabinoid intake. CannaLove® CBD CannaHearts® are the ideal source of Cannabidiol for your treasured dog.

CannaLove® CBD CannaHearts® deliver 2.5 mg. of CBD from broad spectrum hemp (containing less than 0.3% THC) and will not affect your dog psychologically. Adding a CBD supplement to your dog’s daily routine may help to maintain your dog’s comfort and youthful exuberance.

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