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Happy Tails Bundle

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Get it while it lasts! Our best deal yet, this bundle includes: 1 Antioxidant Supplement Health Sticks, 1 CannaHearts Peanut Butter CBD Supplements, and sample sizes of all 5 of our shampoos.

Why You'll Love CannaLove®

CannaLove® Antioxidant Hemp Infused Supplement Sticks deliver a blend of five powerful antioxidant agents to aid in helping protect against cell damage caused by free radicals found throughout your dog's body.

Contains a unique cascading antioxidant system which neutralizes multiple free radicals.
Hemp Infused
Doctor created formula utilizing proprietary hemp technologies found in 3 U.S. Patents.
NASC Approved 
All of our Supplements are NASC Approved, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product for your dog. 
Premium Ingredients
Our supplements are 100% beef with no salt, sugar, corn, wheat, or soy.

CBD CannaHearts® Peanut Butter Flavor

CannaLove® CBD CannaHearts® provide the naturally-occurring complex of cannabinoids found in hemp, which may provide your dog with the entourage effect required to support proper cannabinoid intake. CannaLove® CBD CannaHearts® are the ideal source of Cannabidiol for your treasured dog.

Hemp Infused 

Sample Shampoos

A variety of sample shampoos for your dogs specific needs!
• Allergy & Itch Relief
• Puppy Shampoo
• Anti-Shedding & Detangling
• Anxiety Relief
• Advanced Moisturizing

Check out the assortment of full size shampoos

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes CannaLove® supplements different than other canine supplements?
CannaLove® Hemp Infused Health Supplements bring the power of hemp to your dog’s well being using our doctor created formula utilizing proprietary hemp technologies found in 3 U.S. Patents. Our supplements are made with 100% beef and are non-GMO. We do not add corn, wheat, soy, salt or sugar. We are a special company with a truly special product line, CannaLove® focused on using using premium ingredients to support the health and well being of your dog.

Because we love your dog as much as you do!®
Do CannaLove® shampoos work on all breeds of dogs?
Yes, CannaLove® shampoos are designed to work for all fur types!
Will my dog get "high" eating CannaLove® Hemp Infused Health Supplements?
CannaLove® products adhere to federal guidelines and contain less than 0.3% THC, and the broad spectrum hemp oil provides a large array of cannabinoids and terpenes to encourage the beneficial “entourage effect”. We harness the power of hemp to your dog’s well being using proprietary hemp technologies found in 3 U.S. patents. As dogs are even more sensitive to THC than humans, finding a product that has no THC is vital. Like humans, animals produce endocannabinoids that act on specific receptors found throughout the body and regulate various physiological roles. Cannabinoids, in this case Cannabidiol (CBD), have the potential to address symptoms of various health problems, in a non-toxic way.
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